Your 2023 Secretariat

Allen Stretton

Lay Director

Responsible for chairing Diocese of Calgary Secretariat meetings. Responsible for upholding a spirit of unity and promoting the movement throughout the Diocese. Responsible for guarding the authenticity of the movement, and ensuring that the activities of the Cursillo Movement are aligned with the Bishop’s pastoral plan.

chris roth

Spiritual Director

Responsible for advising the Movement on spiritual and pastoral matters ensuring that the direction of the movement is in keeping with the Bishop’s pastoral plan. Promote Cursillo among the clergy. Chair meetings and act on behalf of Lay Director when LD is absent.

Ronald Ellard

4th Day Chair

Responsible for promoting and planning all aspects of the Calgary Ultreyas and encourage/report on other Diocesan Ultreyas. Maintain a list of Ultreya attendees and provide to the Three-Day team and Communications Chair. Choose witness speakers and music teams for the Ultreyas. Lead and provide duty rosters for an active sub-team membership to cover greeting at the door and snack preparation during the Ultreyas. Lead the Ultreya services. Coordinate and identify the venue for the Ultreyas. Liaise with the Communication Chair to ensure Ultreya current activities are reported to the community. Represent and report on these activities at monthly Secretariat meetings. Provide a report to the Secretariat Secretary for the AGM.

Gerald Ingeveld

3 Day Chair

Responsible for all aspects of the Three-Day Weekend. Prepare a list of potential future weekend lay directors based on a scoring and prayerful assessment, usually to cover requirements a year in advance. In collaboration with the Communication Chair, maintain a current up-to-date list of active Cursillistas to support team selection activities by the weekend lay directors. Maintain the supplies to ensure storage and replenishment.

Kerin Spaargaren

Pre-Cursillo Chair

Responsible for processing the participant applications and the associated sponsor forms via the various methods including on-line, manual mail-in, phone etc. Provide updated participant/sponsor lists to the weekend lay directors for their planning and to the Website Coordinator for promulgation to the web site.

Gerald Ingeveld

Communications Chair

Responsible for the coordination (in association with the Website Coordinator) and distribution of community information, prayer requests, events and status reports. Maintain a current list of active Cursillistas and their email addresses and provide frequent communication as necessary to the Cursillo community.

Stew Perram


Attend Secretariat meetings and record the minutes. Ensure all correct procedures are followed. Issue minutes to all Secretariat members with copy to the Diocese of Calgary Bishop. Assist the Lay Director with the AGM planning and coordination including preparation of past minutes and taking of current minutes and gathering of reports from the various Secretariat chairs.

Michael Larsen


Responsible for all financial transactions, maintenance of financial records and preparation of financial statements relating to the Cursillo Movement in the Calgary Diocese. Promote and encourage donations and financial support for the operation of the Calgary Cursillo Movement.

Karen Larsen

Servant Community

Responsible for developing and planning Continuing Education events; providing opportunities and training for Cursillistas to gain a broader understanding of Cursillo in keeping with the guidelines of the Movement. If applicable, plan and manage Cursillo Information and prayer-centered events including venue, music, snacks, greeters, content, schedule etc.

Stew Perram

Website Coordinator

Responsible for the management and coordination of the Cursillo Website working with the Webmaster and in conjunction with the Communications Chair. In particular, but not limited to, maintaining current events, team lists, signup approvals, archiving data, weekend pages and prayer requests.

John Gishler

Spiritual Director Emeritas

Responsible for supporting the Spiritual Director in advising the Movement on spiritual and pastoral matters ensuring that the direction of the movement is in keeping with the Bishop’s pastoral plan.