Greetings from the Spiritual Director

RevJohnGishlerCursillo (pronounced Kur…See…Yo) is a Spanish word meaning ‘short course’

The Movement began in the 1940’s as a short course – three days and nights of prayer, teaching and sharing. Cursillo has evolved into a wonderful opportunity to step away for three days to experience life in a loving Christian environment with over thirty other men or women (weekends are gender-independent). The weekend begins on a Thursday evening with a one evening Silent Retreat, allowing everyone to slow down and begin to listen to what God may be trying to say to them. The next three days are filled with worship, singing – lots of singing – and fifteen short talks. There is a clergy team on each weekend to provide sacramental ministry and teaching. After each talk there is time for discussion, reflection and an chance for walks in the forest. The food is legendary – and the experience of Christian community and love is life changing for many. This is why both partners in a marriage are encouraged to attend.

Cursillo is for anyone (including Clergy) who wants to go deeper in their spiritual life through both teaching and personal experience of both Christian community and the Holy Spirit. It is ideal as preparation for leadership and lay ministry in parishes and in the world. The weekend may be tiring for some and is not for people in a personal crisis. Most parishes have Clergy and Lay Cursillo Representatives who would be happy to talk to you and arrange sponsorship and registration – or you can simply apply through this website under the Apply Now pull-down menu.

The Weekends are held at the beautiful Entheos Centre on the banks of the Elbow River between Calgary and Bragg Creek. Following the Weekend, participants are encouraged to continue meeting weekly or bi-weekly in small fellowship groups for mutual support and encouragement. Monthly Ultreya (onward) celebrations are held on the second Friday of each Month at St. Barnabas Anglican Church at 7:30 PM.


The Rev. John Gishler
Spiritual Director (Emeritus)

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