Cursillo (pronounced kur-SEE-yo)

A Spanish word meaning “short course”. The full title is Cursillo de Christiandad, meaning a short course in Christian living.

Cursillo is intended for Christian leaders. It presents a method of Christian living and demonstrates how to structure our lives so as to make a difference in the world.

The Cursillo method helps individuals understand their calling to be Christian leaders. This leadership may be exercised at work, in family life, in social life, in leisure activities, and within the church.

Cursillo is not a substitute for your parish church. Rather, is designed to help you renew and enhance your Christian life, and to enable you to function more fully within your parish.

Bringing Christ to the world is not an easy task. It is a life long commitment. The Cursillo method, as a tool in fulfilling this promise, is likewise a continuing commitment – unlike one-time events such as seminars or encounter weekends.

The Cursillo method has three major components: The Weekend, Group Reunion and Ultreyas.

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